BMW finishes 30 years with diesel engine

BMW upgrade more in diesel engine in 30 year. In 1983 BMW offered first diesel powered car.

BMW is rejoicing their 30th anniversary with diesel engines. During spring season in 1983, BMW first offered to the world its first diesel powered car, the 524th sedan. At that time, diesel engines were viewed as dirty and noisy and more suited for trucks rather than for sporty sedan. But the 1970’s oil crisis lead it installed in BMW’s 5-series.

BMW knew it since beginning that some special features are needed to be upgraded in diesel engine. The challenge was to integrate the fuel economy and long service life of diesel engine with refinement and sporty feel of gasoline mills. Soon, engineers went for straight six power unit, enhanced by turbocharger. The maximum output was 113HP and 154PF torque with 2.4 liter engine which was relatively high at that time for a diesel engine. The car was shown at Frankfurt Auto Show, 1983 for the first time. It could accelerate to 60mph in 12 seconds with top speed of 112mph and average fuel economy was 33mpg.

The press and public loved the car for its refreshing energy and unceasing development of power and it became the most popular 5-series variant. Since then, many improvements have been done in diesel engines. The enhancements brought up a triple-turbocharged straight-six diesel that can produce 381 HP power and 546PF torque in just 0.6 liter more than 524th diesel engine.