BMW hints at resurgence of luxury 8 series Gran Lusso Coupe concept unveiled

German Automaker BMW has launched Gran Lusso Coupe concept that?s possibly a tip-off to revival of its luxury 8 series.

Mercedes-Benz has now a rival in offing. German carmaker BMW has hinted to revive its luxury 8 series vehicles by unveiling Gran Lusso coupe concept car. BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe was uncovered at the 2013 Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance and suggests a roomier and bigger coupe than its current 6-series vehicles. The four-seat BMW Gran Lusso Coupe concept is based on BMW 7-series platform and consist of 760i’s 6.0 L turbocharged V12 powertrain which churns out 543PS power. BMW 7 series which is based on rear-wheel-drive has typical design elements like distinctive swept back profile and long hood, shallow glass house, heavily raked screens and a cabin placed well back within a lengthier wheelbase and a short trunk lid. New BMW Gran Lusso Concept maintains BMW 7-series specifications and is being considered a prime rival of Mercedes-Benz’s CL.

The newly launched concept Gran Lusso is the first of its kind project by the Italian designing house Pinninfarina. The company is calling it a one-off occurrence and is tight lipped on production plans. But some company sources claim that production is under consideration. Head of BMW design, Karim Habib said this collaboration with Pininfarina will result in a new special angle, luxury and exclusivity which were never before. BMW manufactured the 8-series vehicles from 1989 to 1999 and with the launch of this new concept coupe, company is looking forward to return to high end luxury segment. Senior Vice president BMW group design, Adrian van Hooydonk said company is projected to revive its brand values of luxury and absolute presence in a highly elegant form.

A BMW insider said that future is not only for electric cars but conventional models are also appealing. BMW hasn’t confirmed yet that this 8-series is included or not but the new concept coupe surely gives a strong indication of how will the car like.