Audi Q3 to be launch on 19th August 2013

After BMW 1-Series Audi will launch its Audi Q3 into Indian market on 19th August 2013

In the race of consolidating the leading position in Indian market, all the members of German Luxury trios are staying on the course of launching new vehicles in the market. In this series, Audi will be taking its Q3 inside the shores of India. Other two members of the trios has already existing vehicles in their entry-level luxury segment like Mercedes Benz already forayed its A-Class and B-Class while BMW will be launching its 1-Series on 3rd September 2013.

Audi will launch its cut-price variant of Q3 Crossover on 19th August 2013, couple of weeks after the launch of BMW 1-Series. Audi will provide an option to the luxury car buyer that includes an option of getting a higher riding and luxury car at a price that is expected to close to Mercedes A-Class and BMW 1-Series.

Audi Q3 Sport is expected to come with a price tag of 25 lakh rupee. Audi Q3 Sport got a detuned 2.0litre turbo diesel engine mated with a 6-speed manual transmission that gives 141PS of peak power with 320Nm of torque.

All wheel drive system is mission from the vehicle as the vehicle is launched as crossover making the vehicle 140kg lighter than the original version. Satellite navigation, Rear and front parking assistance, sunroof, power assist function, rear and front camera, LED day time running lamps with Xenon headlamps are the possible omissions that the vehicle has to face to make it for a lower price tag.

Q3 will be assembled in India at Audi’s Aurangabad assembly facility.