Audi planning to move all-electric car with Decent Battery

For this first phase of electro mobility, Audi deliberate ourselves in a good position with the plug-in-hybrid Audi A3 e-tron.

Audi is having plans to produce a fully electric car, but only after preparation of better battery technology”, said Rupert Stadler, head of Volkswagen Audi brand. Audi is having BMW and Tesla Motors with their luxury cars as its competitors with their respective battery powered luxurious cars. Adding on to all, BMW is unveiling its i3 electric car next few weeks later in New York. Rupert said about his confidence in Audi’s approach.

“The plug-in-hybrid Audi A3 e-tron is a good try for electromobility at the initial stage” said Stadler. The Audi A3 e-tron consists of electric drive and combustion engine. In just one fill, the car can cover 585 miles. And covers 30 miles in single recharge, only running on electricity. The 1.5 ton heavy, Audi e-tron is estimated in market next year.

BMW’s i3 is made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic along with aluminum parts, in place of steel which is completely a new architectural concept. It can run 160 km in single recharge.

“At this time, cars running on electricity is a bit hard to ensure. We expect that the battery technology will get advanced up to that extinct till 2020. For now, Audi expects to focus on cars solely powered by electricity” said Stadler. He also said that after getting new batteries, the company will focus on cost and weight. Then in second phase they would also offer pure electric cars.