Apple Acquired The Self-driving Car Startup

Apple has lauched self driving vehicle in the market with new features for better response.

Apple is putting its efforts and moving ahead to widen its engineering talent to boost Apple?s own self-driving efforts. Apple Inc confirmed that it has acquired self-driving shuttle firm According to current information sources, startups are chasing autonomous vehicles, had been running a small fleet of test shuttles in Texas.

Apple is competing against rivals such as Alphabet Inc's Waymo to develop self-driving independent vehicles. In the last year, Apple has to renovate its efforts to give the best services regarding the production of autonomous vehicles. Key components like sensors are also being included in their services. had raised $77 million in venture capital at a $200 million valuation for autonomous vehicles. Apple is continuously showing its interest in autonomous vehicle technology. Apple has hired dozens of engineers as well and purchased the car assets. Apple is embedding the machine learning and artificial intelligence based features also in the self-driving cars.

The deep learning features to recognize, sense and detect the objects on the road by the company has been also appended and integrated into the new autonomous vehicle. LED screens are also featured for the pedestrians one at the front and the other at rear for conveying a message to the other vehicles on road. appeared to be one of the most promising startups to be working on autonomous cars. The technical challenges and timelines are very important aspects considered for the deployment of autonomous self-driving cars. Meanwhile, many of the bigger firms working on technology are eyeing partnerships in the interest of spreading the huge costs across many companies.