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All these parts add weight to car so Chevrolet Enjoy Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV) rides a little bit firmer and is not as quick to turn as 1500 but it is still very competent chassis and at full load feels like it rides and handles at least as well as a loaded 1500. Were we regularly towing 6,000 pounds, or 5,000 with family and gear onboard, we would go for 2500 and its stouter running gear? We suspect Chevrolet Enjoy Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV) will feel more stable than 1500 when pulling a 5,000-pound trailer.

Leaf spring rear-end on Chevrolet Enjoy Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV) allows a significant increase in fuel capacity from 31.5 gallons on 1500 to 39.0 on 2500, meaning Chevrolet Enjoy Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV) will travel farther between fill-ups of weaving your trailer through gas stations.

By default Chevrolet Enjoy Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV) is set up for towing, but for larger loads, such as anything more than a twin-axle bass boat trailer, consider opting for trailer towing package (more engine oil and transmission fluid cooling), larger outside mirrors; and for integrated trailer brake controller as well. (Note that the controller may not work with electro-hydraulic trailer brakes as on some higher-end RVs; so consult your dealer.) We have done major cross country tows over frozen highways and Chevrolet Enjoy Multi-Purpose-Vehicle (MPV) performs admirably in this type of duty.

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