Curtiss Zeus Battery Electric Motorcycle unveils

Curtiss Zeus motorcycles has been on a roll with 217hp V8 battery innovative electric motorcycle designs. Upcoming Curtiss Zeus electric motorcycle with a V8 style battery power of 217 horsepower and almost 200 Nm of immediate torque.

Curtiss Motorcycles, formally Confederate Motorcycles, has released the latest prototype design for their Zeus 217hp V8 electric motorcycle. The previous prototype also won the award for innovative design and now also latest iteration is going to take it to the next level. The V8 battery design pays tribute to the dying petrol-powered motorcycles era.

The aluminum girder front suspension, a hand-welded titanium/Chromoly tubular chassis, with CNC machined 6061 aluminum fusion and lightweight carbon fiber wheels are some of the advanced integrated features of it. The battery cells are packaged inside eight cylindrical towers configured in a flaring radial ?V? pattern enabling maximum battery cooling efficiency and each particular cylinder holds 16.9kWh battery.

Curtiss estimates power output of 217HP and 147LB-ft of immediate torque and the Zeus v8 is slated to enter production next year with a current price of $75,000. The cool and bold style of Curtiss Zeus makes it appealing and dashing. This bike is equipped with iPad/tablet dash mounted console, LED lights, and see-through panels and setup are called E-Twin.

The battery cells of Curtiss Zeus are arranged in V8 format. This model is going to make its production debut in 2020. Without compromising the form and function, the architects of Curtiss Zeus provides the maximum battery cooling efficiency. Zeus is an extremely powerful rolling work of art with high performance to match the high price.

The company has worked through a number of versions and the boxy and bulky design of Curtiss-Zeus makes it elegant. This model is engineered with unique technology and architecture that showcase its useful attributes. The eight cylinders convey control through a restrictive controller. America?s most innovative luxury vehicles include Curtiss Zeus bike with fabulous design.