2018 TVS Electric Scooter Launch Coming Soon

TVS motor company announced that the company will be launched an electric scooter soon in the Indian market coming soon.

The TVS motor company announced that the company is working on an electric scooter for the Indian market. The company has started the testing of this electric vehicle, there are few spy pictures revealing its subtle design details in India. The TVS President and CEO, KN Radhakrisnan said that the company is working on the new TVS electric scooter project and the vehicle production ready version will be seen in coming 6 to 9 months.
TVS electric scooter
The new electric bike design and components based on it current TVS scooters such as Jupiter, Weg and Scooty Zest in the Indian market. The electric Scotty's spy pictures you see clearly show and plugged in for charging purpose. While its test mule wears is a heavy camouflage, easy to make like Jupiter form of the upcoming TVS scooter. In fact, there are a handful of electric scooters on sale in the Indian market, but no one mainstream manufacturer that will rival the new TVS electric scooter.
The upcoming TVS electric scooter will be based on the Jupiter, most of the features and components are the same.  Its look like the Jupiter will come with a lightly stepped and comfortable seat. The new scooter will have drum brakes on both for best performing braking duties. The new TVS electric scooter will have a flat floorboard, bag storage hooks and turn indicators with flush-fitted based. You can see the exposed wires indicating that the scooter battery system will lie centrally in the seat in the picture. The sooty powertrain positioning might alter and under seat storage space of the scooter. 
New TVS Electric Scooter Price in India. The new electric scooter powertrain with new features and electric scooter will be launched as a more premium product than its current variants Jupiter and Wego. So, it may pricier than the previous two one.